Ken’s Guide to Septic Tanks

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1. The Causes of Septic Tank Damage


Inadequate Maintenance and/or Improper Care

This is the most common cause of septic system failures. Your septic tank system should be pumped every 3-5 years depending on occupancy and the amount of use.

Clogged System

Any paper products like tissues, paper towels, tampons or other sanitary products will clog your system after so much use of it. Wet wipes are another product that you should never flush into a septic system. Yes, even the ones that say they are safe to flush.

Invasive Tree Roots

While manicured trees and shrubs provide curb appeal and privacy, they can also cause significant and expensive problems down the road. When you are planning your landscape it’s important to know where your drain field and septic tank are located and to avoid any large plantings in that area.

2. Common Signs of Septic Tank Damage

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If your toilets or sinks are backing up or draining slowly, you may have a septic issue.
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Gurgling sounds in your plumbing system are often an indicator of septic tank damage.

Standing Water

If you see standing water or damp areas near the septic tank or drainfield, you may have a damaged tank.

Foul Odor

If you smell sewer gasses outside, this may mean that your septic tank system’s lid is either damaged or out of position.

3. How to Prevent Septic Tank Damage

Septic tank damage can happen to any home at any time.

Neglecting your septic system or failure to address known issues can cause significant damage to not only your septic but your home. You could experience water damage to your flooring, walls, cabinets, furniture and more from overflowing or backed-up plumbing fixtures.

Keeping Your Septic Tank Healthy

  • Pay attention to the signs of common septic tank damage we mentioned above
  • Never pour oils, fats or grease into your drains
  • Do not treat your toilet like a garbage disposal
  • Don’t put antibacterial substances down your drain (Ex. bleach, lysol, chlorine, paints, pesticides, medications, acetone, nail polish)
  • Install energy efficient appliances that conserve water usage
  • Schedule regular septic tank maintenance – On average you should have your system pumped every 2-3 years
  • Have a professional inspect your septic system annually

4. What to Do If You Have a Septic Tank Problem

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