Need a gas line installed?

Be the king of the grill or cozy up around your outdoor fireplace

If you prefer the convenience of gas-fueled heating, AND you already have natural gas for your home, you can run an underground line to outdoor appliances for ultimate convenience. This arrangement allows you to keep large propane tanks out of the way of your backyard entertainment setup.

At Ken’s Plumbing, we not only know how to install and repair water lines in our customers’ yards, but we can also install underground gas lines. We understand the special safety requirements needed for working with gas, and we can safely direct the line where it won’t interfere with your septic system, main water line, or electrical cables.

a backyard grass grill loaded with meat and veggies

Ken’s Plumbing is ready to help with your gas line installation.

Because of the risk of dangerous leaks, installing a gas line is not a great DIY project. Let a professional handle hooking the line up to your source and getting it to where it needs to be. Then you can take over hooking it up to your grill or gas logs.