Commercial Restaurant Grease Traps

Replacement & Installation

Whether it’s a school cafeteria or a five-star chophouse, every commercial restaurant has one thing in common: grease traps. Grease traps keep oil, grease, and solid food waste out of the wastewater system, and are one of the most important parts of garbage disposal in a commercial kitchen. While regular cleaning is important for maintaining a properly functioning grease trap, you can’t always keep your traps from overfilling or breaking, especially when you are cooking all day long for your customers.

a stainless steel commercial kitchen
a huge stainless steel commercial kitchen with food on the stove and dishes in the sink

Grease Trap Repair Services

Sometimes the problem isn’t with your grease trap at all. There’s a chance the problem is with the pipes leading to or from your grease trap, where fats, oils, and grease can build up and cause a clog. If this is the case, the blockage can be removed with our water jetting technique—a simple and effective process that allows us to blast streams of water into your pipes that break up and flush out buildup. This solution will save you the trouble (and expense) of having to replace your pipes.

If you are dealing with a broken grease trap, we can remove and dispose of your faulty system and install a new grease trap that will better meet your needs. We’ll even take the time to show you how to prolong the life of your grease trap and prevent clogged pipes in the future!

Want to prevent this from happening again?

Don’t run the risk of having to shut your restaurant down because of a grease trap backup. Partner with Ken’s Plumbing to get routine check-ups and inspections. Need an emergency repair? We are available 24/7/364 — every day but Christmas. Call us at (864) 242-5511 or contact us online if you have questions.