Commercial Plumbing Services

Don’t Let Bad Plumbing Cost Your Business Money!

Serious plumbing problems can rapidly become a nightmare when you own a business. A few clogged drains or a leak could lead to lost business, a bad reputation, or even being shut down for health reasons. Don’t let this happen to you! Ken’s Plumbing provides full-service commercial plumbing services for Greenville businesses. We provide repair, installation, and even remodeling services and have a reputation in Greenville for working hard to get your business back on track.

a plblic restroom with individual spattls and several sinks

We provide the following commercial plumbing services:

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Back Flow Preventer

Keeping the good water that flows into your business from becoming contaminated by bad water, any breakdown or problem with back flow preventers can cause serious health concerns. All major cities throughout the US keep records of all back flow preventers that are installed and require homeowners & businesses to have them tested yearly for proper function.
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Slab Leaks

Whether it is the potable water in your business or those drain lines leaking and causing foundation problems, Ken’s Plumbing specializes in hard-to-find leaks.

Ken Flournoy knows what it’s like to be a small business owner who needs fast and fair help.

We treat your company’s plumbing needs with the same care we take with our own. Give Ken’s Plumbing a call! You can reach us by phone anytime at (864) 242-5511 or contact us online to schedule service.